Bruce Hasson
Bruce Hasson lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has exhibited in Italy, Uruguay, Argentina and the US.
Selected Articles:
2006 You Shouldn’t Have, Washington Post, May 15, 2006
2002 Peace Bell Rings Across Berkeley, Berkeley Daily Planet, June 19, 2002
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Selected Exhibitions, Installations and Fairs
2014 Windfield Gallery, Ca
2013 Krevsky Gallery, San Francisco Art Fair, CA
2012 Berenson Gallery, Toranto, Canada
2011 Berkeley Art Center, Group Show, Berkeley, CA
2010 May 6, San Francisco Gate Ecological Bells Project
2008 Meridian Gallery, San Francisco, California
Bond Latin Gallery, San Francisco, California
Barry Sakata Gallery, Sacramento, California
College of Merced, Merced, California
Donna Seager Gallery, San Rafael, California
Italian Cultural Institute, San Francisco, California
Kazen Museum, Washington DC
San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, California
Assisi, Museum of Art, Italy
Istituto di Cultura Italiano, San Francisco, California
Museo di Novecento, Calabria, Italy
Berkeley City Hall, Berkeley, California
MAON Museum, Consenza, Italy
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Bruce Hasson